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Officials At The Palm Springs International Airport Emphasize The Impending Improvements That Will Be Made To The Facility

Officials at the Palm Springs International Airport have claimed that the improvements that are currently taking place are only made possible by money provided by the federal government.

Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz was one of the individuals who participated in the airport inspection. Other participants included Palm Springs Councilmember Dennis Woods and Executive Director of PSP Harry Barrett.

They talked about the improvements to the airport that may be implemented with the 17.2 million dollars in financing from the federal government. The money for this project was provided by contributions from both the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package.

The monies are reportedly being used to “strengthen airport infrastructure, increase travel efficiency, and keep key operations working,” as stated in a statement that Ruiz’s office provided to News Channel 3 regarding the use of the cash.

“We’re seeing a phenomenal surge in flights, which is excellent because tourism is one of our top three sectors,” said Ruiz. “We’re seeing a phenomenal spike in flight prices as well.” “Also, there has been a rise in the number of persons who choose to travel by air.” “Not only will it enhance capacity, but the procedure of claiming baggage will also become safer and more efficient,”

Recent happenings brought to a close the congressional visit of Dr. Raul Ruiz, which took place at the Palm Springs International Airport. His visit was for the aim of discussing a federal grant for the institution in the amount of $17 million, which was the reason for his visit. PSP is currently undergoing certain kinds of modifications.

In December of 2021, PSP had a total of 276,527 passengers, which enabled the company to break its passenger record for that year for the eighth time. The previous record was surpassed in 2018, the year that it was broken.

Barrett was quoted as saying, “it is about passenger experience, it is about growth, and it is about developing the economy so that we can make sure that you know we have a dynamic economy.” “In the not too distant future, one of our highest goals will be to expand the space where we process luggage claims, as well as the restrooms that service that area, so that we can better accommodate our customers’ needs. Currently, there is an issue with the amount of available restrooms, so please be patient.”

Long-term changes will include increasing the number of checkpoints staffed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), allowing for faster processing of passengers. In addition, as of late, the airport has been seeing a rise in the number of aircraft with a greater payload capacity using it.

Barrett stated that “and we need to address it through maybe some kind of development project in order to extend the terminals so that they can accommodate those planes as well as the number of passengers who come through the facility each year,” which refers to the expansion of the terminals to make room for both the number of passengers and the number of planes. “Palm Springs is a fantastic place to visit, and tourists are going to be seeking for a high-quality experience when they fly through their airport facility, and we anticipate to be able to deliver that to them for Palm Springs,”

New carpeting will be laid all around the airport beginning in October, and expansion work will be done in the toilets that are already there. The timeline that will be followed to finish the important renovations that are still outstanding has not yet been established.

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